"I heard of this practice through a good friend who said it helped save her marriage. I originally went for marriage counseling, then individual. Bonnie helped my husband and I forget about life's problems and become partners again. She helped us both with our personal issues in order to work on our partnership. I still see her because she helps remind me of what is important when life is really hard and out of your hands. I recommend everyone to her. She is sweet, non-conferentational, and very private. It's a private practice, you don't even see other patients when your there so you feel very secure. Cost is very competative, and she has extensive experience in many different fields."
- Rita A. - 07/05/2009

"I have been seeing Bonnie yates for about three years now. I came in as someohe who couldn't even walk to the mailbox without spinning into a panic attack. Being scared and hopeless through all hours of the day is extremely debilitating. Through therapy and guidance I am now a funtioning human being. An actual member of society! Without Bonnie I would still be that scared, motherless firl. Bonnie Yates is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will be eternally grateful to her for what she has given me."
- Caitlin H.

"My first session with Bonnie Yates came about after an alcoholic relapse and the failure of a relationship. It rendered me incapable of believing that life was worth living. She picked me up and taught me the "Tools" to deal with my anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and getting my needs met in a constructive way. Bonnie guided me, through a process beginning with childhood issues to the present. I look back at my therapy with astonishment, not even recognizing the "person" I was. I was provided safe place, validation, and given direction for my life. Bonnie yates has not only been a great role model, but I also consider her my 'life coach'."
- Pat S.

"Bonnie Yates is a wonderful person who has helped me get back on track. She has taken me from outside my every day routine and helped me identify my hidden feelings and emotions and how they influence my life choices. She has also helped me understand that I need to take better care of my physical health too. I have known her for many years and seen her at different periods of my life. It is very nice to have a person I can trust and go to when I need to get back on track with my life." - Rob D.